Prof. Michal Muszkat-Barkan

Founder and leader

Dr. Michal Muszkat-Barkan is an Associate Professor of Jewish Education in the Parallel Track at the Jerusalem campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion where she serves as the director of the Education Department and Professional Development. She is the head of “Rikma", a Leadership M.A program in Jewish Education, nurturing pluralism and community. The program is a collaboration with the Melton Center for Jewish Education.

Michal is the founder of “Teachers’ Lounge in memory of Shira Banki”; she is the academic and pedagogic director of the program.  

Hanin Housain

Partner – pedagogic content and development

Hanin is a co-leader of the pedagogic development of the program. She is a bi-narrative history teacher and educator at the Bilingual School in Jerusalem. Together with her team, she created a high school history program that unites the Jewish and Arab history. Hanin holds a B.A in history & Middle Eastern studies, and Spanish literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Anat Infeld Goodman

Program manager -

Deputy director of the education department at the HUC

Anat holds a B.A and an M.A. in Jewish History from Hebrew University.

Previously, Anat directed educational and community programming at the Bible Lands Museum, and was part of the Ben Tzvi Institute syllabus development team which designed a new curriculum for the Ministry of Education in the field of Israel-Diaspora relations; she served as a Shlicha of the Jewish Agency in Washington DC and Australia. 

Anat runs the Teachers’ Lounge in memory of Shira Banki program, and curates the photo exhibits of the program. Anat is an Educational Supervisor and key partner in the development of the “Rikma,” M.A. program for nurturing pluralism and community – together with the Melton Center of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Anat is the mother of 4 children and lives in Tzur Hadassah.

Narmin Edris

 Arab Society Coordinator and Research Assistant in the "Teachers’ lounge in the memory of Shira banki”

Narmin has a master's degree from the Free University of Berlin and is studying for a master's degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Narmin coordinated educational projects in the Jerusalem Municipality and the Hebrew University, has taught Arabic and Hebrew in various settings, and, is also a senior instructor and the content coordinator for Arab Society at the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem.

Narmin has aspirations to pursue a doctoral degree and continue to further her career.

Meir Berman

Development and partnerships

Meir leads the resource and partnerships aspect of the program. He comes from a diverse business background of working in leading high-tech companies including sales and business development. Meir holds a B.A degree in communication & management from the College of Management, and MBA from Bradford University.

Anael Abuhassira

Coordinator of the education department at the HUC

29 Years old, and a mother of two, Anael holds a B.A in Business management, majored in marketing from the College of Management Academic Studies. She has been working as part of the education department team since 2018.

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